Red with yellow knee, seat and elbow reinforcements, covers, and zipper flap

"Rescue 2" Trockenanzug

Article Nr.
164 - XXL



Neopren Armmanschetten

Neopren Halsmanschette


(Hals,Arme und Beine)

Tasche mit Klett

3-Lagen Füßlinge

(fest oder abnehmbar)


Tasche mit YYK-RV

Doppelter Kamin

(nach Absprache)

(Arme oder Beine)


  • Atmungsaktiver Trockenanzug
  • 2-Lagen Material:
  • Außenmaterial: Oxford Nylon
  • Innenmaterial: PU-Beschichtung
  • Knie, Gesäß und Ellenbogenverstärkungen aus 600D Polyester
  • Mitverstellbaren Abdeckungen an den Hals, Armen und Füßen
  • Reflektoren an Armen und Beinen
  • Latex-Füßlinge
  • Hosenträger
  • RV-Innentasche
  • Verlängertes Rückenteil

Care instructions


After each use wash the Drysuit with freshwater, do not use detergent, bleach or fabric softener. Please dry first the Drysuit from inside than from outside.

Latex cuffs

The cuffs of our Dry Fashion-suit are made of high quality latex, the finest natural rubber, to provide freedom of movement, comfort and or course, a reliable water seal. However, natural rubber is sensitive to solvents and oils, especially suntan oil which will dramatically reduce the material’s integrity. Make sure the cuffs avoid contact with these agents. Heat, ultra-violet rays (bright sunshine, especially at high altitudes) can also weaken the material, as can tight folding under pressure. When using the suit, keep sharp objects like rings, watches or bracelets away from the cuffs. Also, pay attention when tightening the cuffs on the sleeve opening to pull apart with both hands to avoid a one-sided load is avoided. Always rinse the cuffs in fresh water after use then store the suit by hanging in a cool, dark place above 10°C and less than 25°C.

The arm and leg cuffs have a large contact area with your skin to achieve maximum water tightness and should not be trimmed to relax the fit. Only the opening on the conical neck seal can be enlarged by cutting carefully along the rings, as marked, ideally using a sharp cutter blade.

The Zip

Lubricate the zipper with the enclosed tube of silicone grease frequently, sliding the closure to and fro several times. Never yank at a jammed zipper; instead work it back and forth gently until it opens fully. It it’s jammed or leaks, inspect the links for contamination such small hairs or sand grains. Always open and close the zip gently and smoothly along the line of the zip, never pull to either side. Clean the zipper frequently with an old toothbrush and fresh water, let it dry then regrease. Never clean with solvents or scrape carelessly with a sharp object. To avoid damage in transit, roll or pack the suit up with the zipper closed while avoiding kinks or heavy loads.